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Holding Back the Years

I am fresh off my birthday celebrations and a few days of software and revision process rethinking. While reviewing my notes, outlines, snippets, etc. for my Urban Fantasy, the scope hit me. They are long and daunting. Therein lies a reason I drift away from it so often. The process of gathering info for this caused me to think about how the scene re-ordering and conceptual synopses scale up. This project predates much of my current Scrivener plus Excel work flow.

I’ve worked on the Urban Fantasy series off and on over the years. A revision exercise designed to have you think about the idea which inspired the story backfired on me because of that. The idea seeds germinated at trying times in my life. It made me think about things I haven’t thought about in years. Needless, to say it did not enthuse or encourage me to revise.

And yet. I do have a fascination for the concepts first conceived in my childhood imagination. However, what I thought of the series as has evolved over time, much as I have. No matter how long I set it aside, I’m compelled to return. It won’t be quick. It won’t be easy. But I will finish. It’s time to fish or cut bait.

Book 1 – Justicar Jhee and the Cursed Abbey

And speaking of the aquatic related… My what a lovely back burner you are sitting on. Although, while in the process of gathering the snippets for Book 3, I found a few I missed for this story.

Book 2 – Justicar Jhee and the Hole in the World

The Book 3 snippet round up found forgotten bits for this book too. Most of the missed snippets for both come from quick fragments I jotted down. I normally note which book they are for, unless intended for my current pass on the current story “when I get there”.

Book 3 – “The Missing MacGuffin”

The read through had a few surprises. Such as scenes I thought were in the draft, were actually snippets. Just goes to show how embedded in the story they became in my mind. Further proof of how the story needs them. The aforementioned spare texts bits now reside in their respective snippets file.

While the copy was not as clean as I hoped, it did have fewer notes to self than I feared. Final tally was ~11K notes out of ~76K story with ~7K snippets to be added. Books 1 & 2 had a minimum of 20K. As I suspected, the notes were either unmarked or highlighted instead of annotated.

Have a lovely day!

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