The End is the Beginning is the End

Snow. In April. Not without precedent, but really. At least it wasn’t a blizzard.

Book 1 – Justicar Jhee and the Cursed Abbey

Hooray! A scene I thought would be a mega-scene turned out not to be. Once I collated the snippets, the total word count came in quite low. Color me shocked. It felt super long. Because of its importance, my mind magnified its length. I’ll reach the end of the current draft either tomorrow or the day after. At that time, there will be much candy and many cat and otter pictures.

Random excerpt:

”Kanto and I ate down with the monks. Not everyone can be so lucky as us to eat from the high tables. What they have to eat was a darn sight less lavish than what we’ve eaten over the past few days.”
Kanto wrinkled his nose and looked ill. Eating from the high table suited him just fine. So, it had been Mirre’s hare-brained idea.

Book 2 – Justicar Jhee and the “Big Thingy”

I collated the random snippets into one document. I also started talking myself through what I want this book to be and what elements I want it to contain. It’s very vague and going slowly. Admittedly the mystery portion got the short shrift. With edits on Book 1 winding down, I no longer have a project to hide behind. I must buckle down.


The large cubic structure rose up out of the water like some square behemoth. It was built on flotation moorings so it could raise and lower with the sea levels. On the seaward side were moorings where junks and more modest river transports could sail up to deliver patients or for fisherman to stop in for quick check ups.

Book 3 – “The Missing MacGuffin”

Ask again later.

Have a lovely day!

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