Little By Little

I expected to be winging my way to Universal FanCon today. The less said about why not the better. On the bright side, it gives me more time to work on my cosplays which I had done zero work on since January. With that change of plans, my plan is to see Infinity War tomorrow in IMAX 3D. I love that I now live closer to a first run theater.

Book 1 – Justicar Jhee and the Cursed Abbey

I worked on random bits and bobs here and there.

Book 2 – Justicar Jhee and the Cursed Mine

It’s been a slog. I’ve been putting in my two hours a day, but I’m not sure how productive it’s been. I’m a bit relieved I don’t have to figure out how to cram my writing time in around other activities. My research eventually got me excited about the story again. I’m also combing through for where I need to add missing scenes or information.

Most of what I did this month was work on a brainstorming doc. Because it felt just productive enough that it didn’t feel like I did nothing. But still, in terms of story progress, the needle barely moved. The doc contains some research notes. And, also, some failed attempts to fill in a story structure template.

My brainstorming document consists of a lot of freewriting and word association. I played with various plots and setting bits. It consists of a lot of freewriting, word association, and talking myself through story problems. One of these was responsible for the monster 20K conceptual synopsis I wrote for Book 1. My not quite conceptual synopsis for Book 2 only clocks in at about 5K so far. I’m not sure what that says about how baked the story is for now, so I worry the plot is too thin.

Book 3 – “The Missing MacGuffin”

Here a tweak. There a tweak. Nothing major.

Have a lovely day!

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